Experience and Transparency

AREA Entertainment offers creative solutions for its customers based on its over 20 years of experience in the music and film industry. In doing so, vision, innovation and the effective use of budgets are the key issues for successful value creation. Whether in terms of classical PR and promotional work, social media, online marketing campaigns or customer loyalty and direct marketing, AREA Entertainment is always looking for an individual approach to providing what is best for its customers. AREA Entertainment succeeds in meeting its own high quality standards thanks to transparent procedures along with automated reporting based on key performance indicators.


GOLD Music Video Award for LICHTMOND


The multimedia music project of brothers Giorgio and Martin Koppehele – “LICHTMOND” – has now been given the GOLD Music Video Award for the release of “LICHTMOND 3 – Days of Eternity” following the good chart entry last October (#1 Music Video Charts and #8 Album Charts). AREA Entertainment was responsible for strategic planning and editorial implementation of the online marketing campaign (Social Media & Advertising). Congratulations!

The condemned live longer

{label:Download à la carte(inkl. Mobile),value:16.9},{label:Streaming & digital,value:8.2},{label:DVD Blu-ray,value:5.2},{label:Vinyl albums,value:2.6},{label:Physical other,value:0.7},{label:CD albums,value:66.4}

The German music industry association, Bundesverband Musikindustrie e.V., presented its “Music Industry in Figures 2014” annual in March. It clearly shows that the end of playback media is not in sight yet: sales in physical business segments remain stable and dramatic declines are not likely in the coming years either. AREA Entertainment focuses on the physical product as the backbone of the entertainment industry – product refinement via a media bridge or insert, for example, allows the value chain to be extended online and become the basis for efficient customer relationship management.

Source: Own illustration based on Bundesverband Musikindustrie e.V.