Identifying potential customers and ensuring fan loyalty are essential steps for long-term value creation. With its product portfolio interactivearea™, AREA Entertainment offers successful customer relationship management solutions. The cornerstone of any customer relationship is the collection of customer data: AREA Entertainment pursues a multichannel strategy focusing on web pages that offer exclusive added value in return for registration. The most efficient channel is the physical product that leads directly to the target websites via a media bridge or product insert. Additional impetus can be given, for example, via social media, online marketing and mobile messenger marketing.

{label:Single physical,value:1.4},{label:CD albums,value:87.1},{label:MC,value:0.2},{label:Vinyl LP,value:1.8},{label:DVD-A/SACD,value:0.2},{label:Music video,value:5.3}

Sales figures in quantities sold. More than 96 million potential customers contacts!
Source: Own illustration based on Bundesverband Musikindustrie e.V.



Lead generation
Helene Fischer – So wie ich bin

Generation of consumer data via the CD album. Purchaser of the CD got exclusive bonus content after registration


Lead generation
Moosicus Records

Generation of consumer data via a download voucher for high resolution audio files


Lead generation
Unheilig – Grosse Freiheit

Enhanced part on the CD album which linked to an artist community: Purchaser got special content after registration